Sabtu, 21 November 2009

School Concert

3 weeks ago i was in a school concert. i played in an ensemble group there and played flute. it's a good concert. well... these are the photos of the concert :D enjoy everyone ^^

this is traditional dance. well.. they combine it with some other movements. but it's good
they are 8th grade students i think.
btw, it's Sundanese traditional dance.

the music was played by students too, but i don't have the photo, sorry :( they are 9th grade and one student is 8th grade

here.. the right are the girls in the first pict, and the left are other dancers. they're 9th grade :D
actually, the dances is for opening ceremony ^^

these are angklung!! they're the first that showed up ^^ actually, i have to play it too there, but i've played in ensemble.
hmm.. about ngklung, i will tell the detail to all you guys later, hehe.
anyway, they played 2 songs, it's Alusia from North Sumatera and Yamko Rambe Yamko from Irian Jaya/Papua.

this girl did Balinese dance. when i knew there's a Balinese dance i was like @.@ "what???" oh my, i really wanna do Balinese dance again, i did it 5 years ago and if i found a course for Balinese dance and also have extra time, i will join that course!!!
btw, she danced attractively ^^ alone!! whoaaa.. she's very cool, but i'm not sure what grade is she, hehe. but she's not 9th grade student :P

this is choir. they wore batik clothes. well.. i forgot about the songs that they sang, sorry guys >.<

here are girls who did "Merak Dance" from West Java (province where i live). Merak means peacock so the movements are like peacock. love that dance too ^^

this is ensemble!!! i played flute there bahaha lol. but i'm at the 2nd line :P behind violins. we played Over the Rainbow and Peuyeum Bandung, traditional song from West Java.
i bet you guys can't see me lol :)) check this other photo..

well, i guess it's still hard to find me at the photo lol, but well.. look at the red book, and there's a girl behind it, and i'm behind that girl ;) hope you guys can find me lol :D

okay, this is hmm.. well, it's hard to describe this. it's like how you fight in traditional way. we call it 'Pencak Silat'
in case you guys though it's a boy, well... it's a girl, and she's very good at it ^^

the last!!! it's the best!! the combination of some traditional music instruments. there are five students who played it. one is 8th grade student and the others are 9th grade. we call it 'Degung' or 'Gamelan' also from West Java. not only played very good, but also made audience laugh lol. but i'm very sorry, there aren't any photos or videos of it. all the audience were very entertained so.. i guess we all forgot to take pict and video of it hehehe. but believe me it's very great :D the great show for ending the concert.

well... that's all about the School Concert. hope you guys enjoy, sorry if there're some mistakes :P still learning english. comment please guys, if you wanna know more about traditional dance, music or others. just tell me ;) have a nice day everyone ^^

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