Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

Pekan Kerajinan Jawa Barat 2009

Tangga 23-27 Desember 2009 ada pameran kerajinan di Graha Manggala Siliwangi. berhubung saya sering lewat ke gedungnya, saya jadi penasaran ingin lihat pamerannya.

Akhirnya, tanggal 24 setelah mengambil rapor, saya ke sana bersama ibu dan kakak saya dan memotret beberapa barang-barang di sana.

First stand sells sandals, tissue boxes, boxes and other things with batik pattern :D check out the photo ;)

Other stand sells bags, sandals, tablecloth and other things from roots, well.. they weaved it, but it's nice :D

this photo is taken from the 'Bogor' City stand, they sell traditional puppets (above) and some accessories from ceramics :D

this stand also sells some accessories, utensils and painted plates from ceramics (but of course, it's a different stand from the previous one)

from some different stands. they sell Batik from Kampung Naga (translate: Dragon Village) and mask

these souvenirs are made from woods.

these are some Batik clothes. i has so many beautiful patters.

i love this Batik cloth, it's very very beautiful >.< well, there's other beautiful pattern, but i didn't take a pict of it T.T this is handmade, not the stamp Batik.

these are some other things from some stands. it's angklung (traditional music instrument, traditional puppets, ceramics and painting.

well... those are what in the exhibition. it's so cool :D and i wish i can go to the next exhibition too :D comment please..

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