Minggu, 17 April 2011

i'm back

halo! yes, i'm back!
finally after more than a year, i start to write post again. last year i was so busy about entering senior high school. i made it anyway. now i'm studying in 3 senior high school. i enjoy being in this school, really. cause i met new awesome friends. after one semester, i finally go to science major class. from X-1 now i'm in X science 5. both class is great. but this science class is funnier. so many joke makers in class.

and about my family, yes. i'm so proud and happy that finally all my sibling has finished their studies. now i hope they'll get the best job and life for them :)
whoa.. last, i'm glad that i write a post again :) okay, i know it's not really important -,- but really, just happy that finally made it. :D

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