Sabtu, 18 April 2009

What’s your ojamajo doremi character?

hhe, mumpung lagi tergila-gila ma doremi nih, lbih pol kalo aku sertain kuis karakternya.
maaf yah, pake bhsa inggris, soalnya emang bkinnya pke warning : bukan karena sok inggris lho!

1. What’s your favorite subject?
a. Gymnastic
b. Math
c. Music or theater
d. No one. I’m not very good at all subject

2. What’s your favorite music instrument?
a. Harmonica
b. Violin
c. Flute
d. Piano

3. What’s your favorite food?
a. Takoyaki
b. Fish
c. Crepes or waffle
d. Steak

4. What’s your guy type?
a. Sporty, sporty
b. Cool, just like me
c. What for? The guys follow me
d. Charming with the great smile!

5. If you have to choose, what words those mostly describe you?
a. Sporty, do the mother things
b. Calm and smart
c. Pretty and popular
d. Unlucky, clumsy

6. What words can you say to your parents?
a. Anything. I can yell to them if I want.
b. Not any. I can’t even tell them about what I want
c. I can say what I want to say.
d. I cannot say anything if they angry at me, especially about my score.

Mostly answers A
Seno Aiko

You just like Aiko. You like sports very much. You can do what your mother do, like sweeping, washing plates and cooking. Some of your friends don’t like you because you’re cruel and to the point.

Mostly answers B
Fujiwara Hadzuki

You’re such a lady. You’re smart and diligent, but sometimes you can’t say that you don’t like what your parents want you to do. You’re calm and quiet, but you are a kind and care about your friends.

Mostly answers C
Segawa Onpu

You’re an artist, just like Onpu. You sing and acting well. You’re not arrogant, even if you are popular.
Sometimes, you can’t go out together with your friends because you’re so busy, but you want to go out with them.

Mostly answers D
Harukaze Doremi

Sorry, but you’re a clumsy one. You’re not so good at study. But, you’re happy and funny people.
You care about your friend and it’s not just your close friends. Just be more careful about everything.

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  1. euleuh ifa, aku doremi! hahaha :))

  2. hahaha
    aku dpet hazuki n onpu
    22nya sma2 q ska